Corydalis question

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 08 Jan 2005 22:03:34 PST
Dear all,

I was looking for a picture to load to test out the new sign in and added a 
picture I took last summer of the only Corydalis I ever was able to grow 
from seed exchange seed. I've just spent some time (again) looking at all 
the wonderful Corydalis images on John Lonsdale's site and I am wondering 
about the identity of mine. It came to me from NARGS seed as Corydalis 
solida alba. Is that a legitimate name? Does it look like a Corydalis 
solida? How do you identify them? The one I photographed kind of reminds me 
of ones we saw growing in walls in the UK. Maybe it isn't even a tuberous 
one since my plant hasn't really gone dormant. I am fond of it whatever it 
is, but would appreciate knowing what it is.…

Jane asked me to make a wiki page for this genus long ago which she 
promised would fill up, but it hasn't. Maybe next year. I am curious about 
the only one she added since she didn't write anything about it, but I 
understand she may be traveling at the moment.

Mary Sue

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