Searching the List Archives

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 30 Jan 2005 11:09:10 PST
Dear All,

This past fall the global search for the pbs list archives disappeared. I 
wrote ibiblio about it, but was told that it was removed since it was added 
by an ibiblio staff member and thus represented a hack to the mailman 
software and they were waiting for a search to be integrated to the 
software. Several people suggested a formula for searching the archives on 
Google which worked to a degree. A better formula was given this morning on 
the ibiblio forum list and I tried it and it works well. I'm not sure where 
I could add how to do it so people can consult this information when they 
forget, but will think about a way to add it to our web page or the wiki. 
(One more thing to add to a very long list of things to do.) In the 
meantime, those of you who are interested could save this for your own 

In the Google search box type this:

+[pbs] [search terms] site:///

Type this exactly, but substitute the words for what you are wanting to 
find for "search terms" in the second bracket.

For example:
+[pbs] [Lycoris 2004] site:///

If you wanted to see the posts on Lycoris from 2004.

+[pbs] [Jane McGary crocus] site:///

If you wanted to see the posts Jane had written to our list on crocus. This 
works really well and is very fast so I encourage you to try it and write 
down how to do it for future reference.

Mary Sue

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