Kenneth Hixson
Sun, 23 Jan 2005 12:42:32 PST
Dear members:
         A new website devoted to lilies/Lilium was recently posted, by
a New Zealand dweller.  (  There is some controversy,
it is slow to load, with white lettering on a black background.  The
information on lilium species is incomplete or partly incorrect.  Hopefully
the owner will accept the challenge and make some changes.  A couple
of the species listed were Lilium zairi, buschianum.

         Among the Lilium species listed on the deFlorum site (listed on
the "Unlisted" page) is L. zairii.  This name has come up a couple times
of late.
         There are a couple things worth mentioning.  First, it would be the
only Lilium species ever found south of the equator.
         Second, about 40-50 years ago, one of the contributors to the NALS
Yearbook (Probably Beryl Reynolds of South Africa) mentioned that Lilium
phillipinense and L. formosanum were so well adapted that they had seeded
far from any garden (I seem to remember 300 miles).  The lilies were colonizing
so successfully that it/they had been declared a noxious weed.  I haven't taken
the time to review Beryl Reynolds' contributions to the yearbook yet, but if
anyone is interested, could probably make time.

  l. zairii  (not listed at ipcni)
Mynett, K. and Mackiewicz, H. 1986. LILIUM ZAIRII - A NEW LILIUM

         Another name listed on the "Unlisted" page was Lilium buschianum

Lilium Buschianum…
LILIUM concolor sinicum (Chinese). A synonym of LILIUM c. Buschianum.

         I'm not a botanist, but sometimes I can add two and two and get 
resembling four.  I would welcome comments.


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