Pamianthe peruviana

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 24 Jan 2005 09:27:44 PST

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>What are the ideal growing conditions?  I have tried a seedlings and a good
>sized bulb and all perished in the heat and humidity.  Do the roots need to
>be exposed?  How warm?  what type of rainfall?
>Kevin Preuss
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It is not a dweller of the Congo! A lot of South America is covered with hot 
dry forest. For Pamianthe I would use a really big tray as for Worsleya and 
use a mix of orchid fiber and bark with some leafmould on top and not soil 
at all. Provided one can give the plants warmth the year round  and a dryish 
winter at 18-20C,  summers in the 30s over C would be O. K.And yes the roots 
are made to be exposed therefore anoxia would be fatal.

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