Alternate to N. inodorum

Matt Mattus
Mon, 10 Jan 2005 15:48:09 PST
HI All
 I now MUST get my hands on some of this T.s. Alba. I NEED fragrance in the
G-house! Does anyone have any to trade? Contact me separately. I know that
Paul Christian is offering it but the delivery cost for a few bulbs is over
$30.00 alone.

Many thanks

Matt Mattus 

Worcester, Massachusetts USA

Zone 5b
8" of new snow and ice, but 34 deg. F today,mild winter.

On 1/10/05 10:00 AM, "James Waddick" <> wrote:

>> MArk M wrote:
>> If you want a "safer" plant to grow (not invasive), that also has a
>> powerfully sweet perfume and is easily grown, try Tulbaghia simmleri
>> (T. fragrans). 
>> For years I grew it in my office, and it would bloom for weeks and
>> even a single
>> small flower can fill the room with fragrance.
> I agree completely with Mark. I have T. s alba (normally a pale lilac
> color) about to bloom and I almost dread the intense odor.
> Overpowering in numbers, but a delight in moderation. I suppose if
> you could grow it outdoors in a frost free climate, the scent would
> be more pleasant. In the confines of a greenhouse it is 'gasp
> inducing'.
> Best Jim W.

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