pink roman hyacinths

Sun, 23 Jan 2005 11:33:18 PST
I am a new member as of last year and this is the first time I have responded to any information I have read about.

Two members recently wrote about pink Roman and white Roman hyacinths. I have located an old abandoned homestead that has been there since the early fifties. In and around where the old home place was , I found some of these (?)  hyacinths. For at least 10 years, there has been nobody there. I got permission to go in and dig bulbs and some I dug were these hyacinths.
They are not full like the ones that can be purchased from the Dutch bulb dealers, but are more of an open habit and less flower petals up and down the flower stalk.
I brought them home about 3 years ago and they seem to multiplying at a decent rate. Some are blue, some are white and some are pink. I just don't know if they are the kinds that two of the members are looking for. If anyone has a photo of either of the three colors and can e-mail to me , perhaps I could tell if they are what I and several others here in Texas are looking for.
I am into hardy and heirloom bulbs  here in Texas and am located a little north of Houston, Texas.

Patty Allen

Zone 9
Humble, Texas

Hot, humid summers, sometimes really dry and sometimes really wet!
Mostly moderate winters , sometimes really wet, seldom really cold.

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