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SEED-LIST 2004-2005

Dear Friends,

I send you my new seed list now. All seeds  are high quality and are harvest
from plants true to name. Part of seeds was collected in its natural
habitats by me or my botanist-friends, second part from plants in my garden,
but all from plants with native origin.
   Unless otherwise indicated, packets contains 20 seeds. Order will be
processed in the order of arrival. The money (EUR or equivalent in USD, GBP)
send me kindly after receiving my shipment. Please, add EUR 1.00, bigger
order 2.00, overseas EUR 2.00, bigger order 4.00 to cover postage and
handling. If you need Phytosanitary Certificate (especially overseas friends
- Czech Republic is in EU now), write me and add  EUR 5.00.
    The money sum up to EUR 50.00 is possible  send as cash (in my risk) in
non translucence registered mail, the greater sum send as a cheque in the
registered mail. The German and other EU states friends send please the
money also to my friend Stanislav Holoubek, Sparkasse Passau, Bankleitzahl
740 500 00, Kontonummer 694240. 
Because of technical problems I am not able to arrange orders smaller than
EUR 10.00.

Important information: I have got a special request to you, because I am
permanently very busy. That is why I will not send bills for seeds and I
would like to ask you to count the money by yourself (plus postage and P.C -
see above) after receiving parcel and to send to me then. Please, do not
send any money in advance (together with order).

And one probleme more. Please for indulgencee: last years I had just few
packets of some rare  plants (for example Daphnes, some Paeonies etc.). But
there were tens of orders (some customers ordered even 5 packets for one
person). Some customers who did not get it were very displeased. But how am
I supposed to get the seeds for everyone?  This year the situation is quite
similar at some species. I kindly ask you not to order more packets of one
species for one person which are marked "limited stock". Thank you.

Actaea pachypoda (attractive red and white fruits)	1.00
Adonis  cyllenea (Kandila, Central Peloponese, Greece, 1600 m), new
             sp. from Greek Mts.,  first in culture by us, beautiful large
fl., hardy	4.00
Allium akaka (Chorasan, E. Turkey),  very low, two broad leaves	2.00
            albopilosum (Firiusa, Turkestan) 	1.00
            bodeanum (Gorgan, Iran), very attractive, low, limited stock
            crispum (Oregon, USA), low, nice bright color 	2.00
            giganteum (Nurek, Tadjikistan), native, hardy form 	2.00
            kharputense (top of Nemrut Dag, SE Turkey), broad lvs.,
attractive creamy fls.	2.00
            materculae (Mts. SE from Yerevan, Armenia), related to A. akaka.
New in culture 	4.00
            mirum (Afghanistan), one-leaf sp., very beautiful and
attractive, limited stock 	5.00
            nigrum (Rodhos , Greece), robust, decorative sp, pink fls. (not
black) 	1.00
            protensum  (Turkish-Syrian border), related to A. schubertii,
large umbel, new in culture	3.00
            sp. (Kop Pass, E Turkey), low, nice, dark violet fls 	1.00
Anemonopsis macrophyllum, attractive Japanese woodlander, August flowering
Arum concinatum (Rethymno ,Crete), large  pink-green spathe-limb 	1.00
          creticum   (Mt. Ida, Crete), bright yellow fls., most beautiful of
Arums 	2.00
          dioscoridis (Kas, S Turkey), attractive spotted fls. 	1.00
          nigrum (Ombla near Dubrovnik, Dalmatia), large black spathe, hardy
in Central Europa	1.00
Bellevalia forniculata (Tahir, Palandoken Mts., E Turkey), azure blue, most
beautiful colored Bellevalia	2.00
                 hyacinthoides (Parnassos Mts, Greece),low, the most
attractive  of Bellevalias	1.00
                 paradoxa (Palandoken Mts., E Turkey)robust, dark blue	2.00
                 pycnantha (Sarikamis, E Turkey), other robust, dark blue
sp.	2.00
                 rixii (G├╝zeldere Pass, E Turkey), unusual brown-violet
fls., new described 	2.00
Bongardia chrysogonum (Nur Dagh, SE Turkey),very unusual, tuberous, yellow
fls., limited stock	3.00
Brimeura amethystine (Hyacinthus amethystinus) (Ordessa,  Pyrenees), lovely,
low	1.00
Colchicum alpinum (Gran Paradiso, Alps), small nice sp.	2.00
                   cupani (Hymettos Mt., Greece), very low	2.00
                   doerfleri (Suha Planina Mt., Macedonia ) spring
flowering,  low,  attractive   fls.,	3.00
                   hirsutum (Mardin, SE Turkey), spring flowering, very low,
many very early fls.	3.00
                   polyphyllum (Ziyaret Mt, SE Turkey), many narrow lvs,
many  autumn fls. 	2.00
                   sfikasianum (Monemvasia. Peloponese, Greece), very
attractive, checkered fls. 	4.00
                   szovitzii (Cam Pass, E Turkey), nice, low, spring
flowering	2.00
                   szovitzii (Zigana Pass, NE Turkey)	2.00
                   triphyllum robust form (Kirobashi, Central Taurus), many
fls., spring flowering	2.00
                   variegatum (Akseki, Central Taurus Mts., Turkey),
attractive checkered fls.	2.00
Crocus aerius (Soganli Pass, NE Turkey) 	3.00
             aleppicus (Kizil, Turkish-Syrian border) 	3.00
             banaticus (Vadul Crisului, Bihor Mts.,Romania), limited stock
             baytopiorum (Dirmil, West Taurus, Turkey)    	2.00
             chrysanthus  (Kahraman Maras, Central Turkey), limited stock
             danfordiae ( Tufanbeyli, Central Turkey), limited stock	2.00
             fleischeri (Samos Isl., Greece), limited stock	1.00
             karduchorum (Hizan, SE Turkey) , limited stock	3.00
             kotschyanus ssp. hakkariensis (Mor Dagh, Turkish-Iranian
border))	2.00
             kotschyanus ssp. suworowianus (Palandoken Mts.,  E Turkey)	2.00
             vallicola (Zigana Pass, E. Turkey) 	3.00
             veluchensis (Komovi Mts., Montenegro) 	1.00
Convallaria keiskei (Japan) 	3.00
Daphne  kosaninii (Suha Gora Mts., Macedonia), true (!) with open n ice pink
fls., not semi-closed as 
              Bulgarian form, very rare,  Macedonian form new in culture, 10
seeds	5.00
               malyana  (Durmitor Mts. , Montenegro), extra low, new in
culture, 10 seeds, limited stock	6.00
Degenia velebitica (Velebit mts., Croatia), attractive fls. and fruits, too
Dipcadi serotinum (Cazorla, Spain), unusual, late brown fls. 	1.00
Diphylleia cymosa, N American woodlander, unusual	1.00
Edraianthus horvatii (Galicica Mts, S Macedonia), low, nice , new described,
limited stock	3.00
Eranthis cilicica (Ala Dag, East Taurus Mts., SE Turkey)	2.00
               cilicica (Mor Dag, Turkish-Iranian border)	2.00
               longistipitata (Chimgan Mt., Uzbeskistan) 	3.00
Eremurus aitchisonii (Nurek, Tadjikistan), the biggest and most
representative of Eremuruses, large
                 bright pink fls. 	2.00
Erythronium caucasicum  (Chiaturi, Transcaucasus), big white fls, limited
stock	3.00
                      dens canis (Krsko, Slovenia), native, robust form	2.00
                      dens canis (Formigal, Pyrenees) native	1.00
Fritillaria alfredae subsp. glaucoviridis  (Nurdag, SE Turkey)	2.00
                alburyana  (Palandoken Mts., E Turkey), 	4.00
                armena (Cam Pass,  NE Turkey)	2.00
                aurea (Pozanti, E Taurus, Turkey)	3.00
                bithynica (Samos Isl. , Greece) 	1.00
                bucharica ( Aktash Nt., Uzbekistan)	2.00
                carica (Samos Isl., Greece)	2.00
                carica (Arpacik, West Taurus Mts., Turkey)	2.00
                carica ssp. serpenticola (Golhisar, West Taurus) 	3.00
                caucasica  (Sarikamis, E Turkey)	2.00
                collina  (lutea) (Bakuriani, Trancaucasus)	4.00
                conica (Methoni, Peloponese, Greece)	2.00
                crassifolia ssp. kurdica (Gevas, Van Lake, E Turkey) 	3.00
                davisii  (Areopolis, Peloponese, Greece) 	1.00
                drenowskyi (Falakron Mts., N Greece)	3.00
Fritillaria epirotica (Metsovo, Central Greece), very low form	3.00
                 fleischeriana  (Eskisehir,W.Turkey)  	3.00
                 forbesii (Datca, W Turkey), more robust, open form form
                 frankorum (Ziyaret Mts., SE Turkey), new described 2003,
very rare	5.00
                 graeca ssp. graeca (Hymettos Mt., Greece)	1.00
                 graeca, other, forest form  (Kalavrita, Peloponese, Greece)
                 grandiflora (Talysh Mts., Azerbaijan)	4.00
                 gussichae (Jakupica Mts,., Macedonia)	1.00
                 hermonis amana (Nur dag, SE Turkey)	3.00
                 kittaniae (Central Taurus near Kas, Turkey), new described
                 kotschyana (Mor Dag, Turkish-Iranian boundary) 	3.00
                 latakiensis (Ziyaret Mts., SE Turkey) 	1.00
                 latifolia (Ardehan, E Turkey), robust (Caucasian) form	3.00
                 macedonica (E Albania), very rare	5.00
                 messanensis  ( Kambos, Peloponese, Greece), very robust
form	2.00
                 michailowskyi (Palandoken Mts., E Turkey), the same place
as F. alburyana,  native form 	1.00
                 minima  (Gevas near Van Lake, E Turkey)	3.00
                 minuta (Tatvan, E Turkey)	2.00
                 moggridgei (Maritime Alps, France) 	4.00
                 orientalis (Fiokdon valley, Caucasus), rare, not identical
with F. montana,  see
                                   Phillips-Rix, p. 96 	3.00
                 pallidiflora (Kazakhstan)	1.00
                 pelinaea (Greek Isl., ), new described, best of yellow
Frits.	5.00
                 pinardii  (Cerkes, W Turkey)	2.00
                 rhodia (Rodhos Isl., Greece)	3.00
                 rhodocanakis (Hydra Isl., Greece)	3.00
                 rixii (Kandilio, Euboia, Greece)	4.00
                 ruthenica (Smolensk, Central Russia)	2.00
                 spetsiotica (Spetsos Isl. Greece)	4.00
                 stenanthera (Chimgan Mts., Uzbekistan)	2.00
                 straussii (Mor Dag,  Turkish-Iranian border)	4.00
                 stribrnyi (Jambol, E Bulgaria) 	3:00
                 thessala ssp. reiseri (Mt. Petala, W Greece)	3.00
                 tortifolia (Xinjiang, China)	4.00
                 tuntasia (Kythnos Isl., Greece) 	3.00
                 yuminensis (Xi njiang, China)	4.00
                 whittallii (Central Taurus Mts. near Kas, Turkey)	2.00
Galanthus artjushenkoae (Talysh Mts., Azerbaijan), new described  1999, very
rare,10 seeds	5.00
                  caucasicus (alpinus var. alpinus) (Bakuriani,
Trancaucasus)	3.00
                  elwesii (Turkish form, Kirobashi, Central Taurus)	1.00
                  fosteri (Gaziantep, SE Turkey), very limited stock	2.00
                  lagodechianus (Lagodechi national park, Caucasus)	4.00
                  peshmeni (Kemer, S Turkey)	3.00
                  reginae olgae  ssp. reginae olgae (Taygetos Mts.,
Peloponese, Greece)	4.00
                                         ssp- vernalis (Preveza, Epirus,
Greece) 	4.00
                  snogerupii (Greek Isl.)  	3.00
Gymnospermium altaicum (Altai Mts, Russia)	3.00
Helleborus argutifolius (Corsica)	2.00
                   purpurascens (Vihorlat Mts., E Slovakia) 	2.00
                   vesicarius (Gaziantep, Turkey), limited stock	3.00
                   viridis (Carcassone, Pyrenees)	1.00
Iris albomarginata /Juno/ (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), 10 seeds, limited stock
       attica violet (Parnassos Mts., Greece)	3.00
       attica  yellow (Parnassos Mts., Greece)	3.00
       brandzae /Limniris/ (Vrancea Mts., Romania), nice, low, violet fls.,
rare, almost unknown	2.00
       bucharica /Juno/ (Chimgan, Uzbekistan), native !	1.00
       caucasica /Juno/ (Dzhvari, Transcaucasus) 	2.00
       galatica /Juno/ (Taspinar, Central Turkey)	4.00
       graeberana /Juno/ (W Iran)	3.00
       histrioides /Reticulata/ (Soganli Pass, NE Turkey) , native !	3.00
Iris hoogiana /Regelia/ (Chimgan Mt., Uzbekistan) 	2.00
      kernerana /Limniris/ (Cerkes, Central Turkey), yellow, nice, rare in
culture	3.00
      linifolia /Juno/ (Tien-Shan Mts.,  Uzbeskistan) 	3.00
      magnifica /Juno/ (Samarkand, Uzbekistan)	1.00
      magnifica alba  (Samarkand, Uzbekistan)	1.00
       nusairiensis /Juno/  (Jebel Nusairi, Syria)  	3.00   
       parvula / Juno/ (Zeravshan Mts., Uzbekistan), very low, late	5.00
       persica /Juno/  (Hop Pass, Mardin, SE Turkey)	3.00
       pseudocaucasica /Juno/  (Van Lake, E Turkey)	4.00
       sari /Oncocyslus/ (Gaziantep, SE Turkey), limited stock	3.00
       stenophylla  /Juno/ ( Kirobashi, E Taurus Mts., Turkey) , large fls.,
beautiful	4.00
       willmottiana /Juno/ ( Alai Mts., Uzbeskistan)    	3.00
       winogradowii /Reticulata/ (Lomis Mta Mts. Transcaucasus), native !
       sp /Juno/  (Uzbekistan)	1.00
       sp. /Juno/ (Uzbekistan)	1.00
       sp. /Juno/ (Uzbekistan)	1.00
Jeffersonia diphyllla (N American woodlander)	2.00
                   dubia  (Ussurian woodlander, Russia)	3.00
Korolkowia sewerzowii (Fritillaria) (Chimgan Mt., Uzbekistan), native	3.00
Lewisia rediviva  (Idaho, USA) 	3.00
Lilium duchartrei (Kanding, Sechuan, China)	2.00
Linum capitatum (S Pirin Mts, Bulgaria)	1.00
Muscari  macrocarpum (Marmaris, SW Turkey), yellow fls., attractive large
capsules	2.00
               mirum (Dirmil Pass, West Taurus Mts., Turkey), unusual, one
broad leaf, brown-violet fls.	2.00
               muscarimi  (also Dirmil Pass , West Taurus Mts, Turkey),
yellow fls 	2.00
               pallens (Fiokdon valley, Caucasus), lovely, creamy fls., very
rich flowering 	1.00
Narcissus hedraeanthus (Cazorla, Spain)	3.00
                 pallidus (Cuenca , Spain) 	2.00
                 requeinii (Montserrat, Spain) 	1.00
                 romieuxii (Foret de Cedre, Morocco)	2.00
                 rupicola (Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain)	2.00
                 wattieri (Imlil, High Atlas, Morocco)	4.00
Nectaroscordum bulgaricum (Dobrudja, Romania)	1.00
Ornithogallum arianum (Aschabad, Turkestan), one of most beautiful sp. of
Ornithogallums	2.00
                         magnum (Chiaturi, Transcaucasus), robust,
decorative sp., for the first time in culture	3.00
Ostrowskyia magnifica (Darvaskij chrebet Mts., Tadjikistan), very rare and
attractive, huge violet fls.	4.00
Paeonia anomala (Irkutsk, Siberia), 10 seeds, limited stock	3.00
              berezowskyi  (China), different from P. veitchii, 10 seeds
              caucasica (daurica) (Sochi, Abchasia, West Caucasus), 10 seeds
              coriacea  (Sierra Nevada , Spain), 10 seeds, limited stock
              dahurica (Crimea), 10 seeds	3.00
              emodi (Himalaya), 10 seeds, very limited stock	5.00
              kesrouanensis (Ziyaret Mts., SE Turkey), 10 seeds, very
limited stock	6.00
              lactiflora (East Asia), 10 seeds, limited stock, 	4.00
              mascula ssp. arietina (Soganli Pass, NE Turkey), 10 seeds	3.00
                             ssp. bodurii (Canakkale, W Turkey), new
described, white fls., 10 seeds, very rare	6.00
                             hellenica ssp. hellenica (Steno, Euboia,
Greece), 10 seeds	4.00
                             hellenica ssp. icarica (Ikaria Isl, Greece), 10
seeds	5.00
                             ssp. mascula (Baba Dag,, S Turkey), 10 seeds
              mollis, 10 seeds 	2.00
              obovata ssp. willmottiana (China), 10 seeds, limited stock
              officinalis ssp. humilis (Cazorla, Spain), 10 seeds	3.00
                                ssp. officinalis (Karst, Slovenija), 10
seeds	2.00
              peregrina  (Jambol , SE Bulgaria), limited stock, 10 seeds
              ruprechtiana (Borjomi, Transcaucasus), described in 1961, 10
seeds, 	6.00
              tenuifolia (Igoeti, Transcaucasus), 10 seeds	2.00
              turcica (Beysehir,  W Turkey) , 10 seeds	5.00
              veitchii (China), 10 seeds	2.00
              sp. (Dege, Sechuan-Tibet border, China), 10 seeds	3.00

Paris  delavay (Kanding, Sechuan, China), 10 seeds	3.00
          mairei (Yunnan, China), 10 seeds, limited stock	3.00
          polyphyllum (Meili Shan,  Yunnan, China), 10 seeds	3.00        
Podophyllum  hexandrum (Kanding, Sechuan, China), native!	2.00
Polygonatum cirrhifolium (Himalaya)	2.00
Primula apennina  /Auriculastrum/ (Parmese /Tosco/ Apennines),
non-calcareous rocks, limited	3.00
              carniolica  /Auriculastrum/ (Notrjanski Karst, Slovenia),
limestone, rare	2.00
              kitaibeliana /Auriculastrum/ (Velebit Mts., Croatia),
limestone	2.00
              latifola /Auriculastrum/ (Valltelina, Italian Alps), calcifuge
              pedemontana (Gran Paradiso, Italian Alps), non -calcareous
Pulsatilla albana (Sevan Lake, Armenia), yellow fls.	2.00
Ranunculus parnassifolius (Tre Cime, Dolomites, Italian Alps), limited stock
Ranzania japonica (Japanese woodlander), very early, rare and beautiful	3.00
Romulea bulbocodium album (Cetina valley, Montenegro)	1.00
               columnae (Nurdag, SE Turkey), white	1.00
Scilla lilio-hyacinthus ( Col d Aubisqua, Pyrenees)	1.00
          roseni (Ardahan, E Turkey)	2.00
          roseni (Bakuriani, Transcaucasus)	2.00
Smilacina racemosa (North American  woodlander)	1.00
Tecophilaea cyanocrocus (Chile), 10 seeds, very limited stock	5.00
Thalictrum tuberosum (Cuenca, Spain), 10 seeds, big beautiful creamy fls.,
limited stock	3.00
Tulipa urumoffii (Stara planina Mts., Bulgaria), yellow  big fls., rare	4.00
           turkestanica (Chimgan Mt., Uzbekistan), native	1.00
Veratrum oblongum (Kanding, Sechuan, China), lower (up to 60 cm), brown
fls., very rare	3.00
Viola delphinantha (Olympus Mt., Greece), beautiful and rare	6.00
          kosanini (Jakupica Mts., Macedonia), other similar  nice and rare
sp.	6.00

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