Oxalis succulenta

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>Dear all,
>Only members of the Oxalis group will be able to view Liz's pictures on the 
>Yahoo site she gave.
>One of the image urls of the pictures Liz added to the wiki had a space in 
>it so the link may have been difficult for people to access. I have removed 
>the space so the url should work:
>>I was also told it was O. herrerae, O. peduncularis and even  O. gigantea. 
>>Also uploaded a couple to the WIKI.  Let's see what others think it is 
>>before putting it on the Oxalis page.
>Anyone care to comment on the identity of Liz's Oxalis?
>Mary Sue

I would gladly do but only a peregrine falcon could tell the species from 
such a distance.
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