Heydite for Soil Mixes

ConroeJoe@aol.com ConroeJoe@aol.com
Sat, 01 Jan 2005 11:30:03 PST
Hi Gang,

Are any of you using Heydite for growing bulbs?  I started using it a year or 
two ago for succulents and cacti, and really like it.  This past year I 
started using it in the mix I make up for germinating bulb seeds, especially seeds 
of bulbs from dry areas (e.g., Sough Africa).  

Heydite is often called porous shale, but I think it is shale that has been 
baked and expanded (the way perlite expands).  I like Heydite because it seems 
to hold more moisture and air that is readily accessible to roots-but it 
drains quickly in a mix of coarse sand, perlite, humus, etc.  

I don't find much about Heydite on the Web.  It seems to come in 2 sizes:  
chunks about ½ inch across, and smaller pieces about the size of kitty litter.  
I use the smaller size for seedlings, but other folks tell me the larger size 
is perfect for plants in gallon cans.  

It is durable and does not crush, a friend told me it is used on race tracks 
at some high schools in this area (greater Houston, TX area).  

I buy a large bag (about the size of a 20 lb. bag of perlite) for about 

LINK:  Photo of small bag of Heydite (small size particles).  

LINK:  Expanded Shale Article (I think this is where Heydite comes from).

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