Commercial postings on our list

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 09 Jan 2005 19:29:33 PST
Dear All,

Ernie has just modeled a good way to provide information to our list in the 
form of a recommendation.

I have been asked to clarify whether it is all right to include a business 
name and address in a signature to posts to our list. The answer is yes. I 
think it is really helpful for people to provide information about 
themselves in their signatures. I like the idea of supporting members of 
this list. And if we can connect an especially interesting helpful remark 
with someone who has a business that would be a positive thing.

An occasional note to the list from one of our list members who is in the 
business of selling things that members of this group might be interested 
in is probably o.k. too, especially if it is something special, but please 
don't do this very often and please ask people to contact you privately for 
more details, a catalog, etc. instead of posting prices and items to the 
list. Most of you have been very good about this.

We have had topics of the week highlighting our favorite places to buy 
seed, bulbs, pots, etc.
I think everyone appreciates knowing about good sources and please continue 
to let everyone know when you have found a good one. But this is a bit 
different than announcing things that are for sale with prices included. 
That is a commercial message.

Mary Sue

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