Tuberous orchids-anyone growing Eulophia?

Joyce Miller
Tue, 18 Jan 2005 09:59:15 PST
>Dear Greig,

         Please send me your web site name.  I have a number of 
terrestrials some in the greenhouse and several in the ground or plunged in 
the group during summer.  I am looking for Anacamptis pyramidalis.  I saw 
it, ground grown in the Provence area of France, several years ago.  The 
Provence area climate is remarkably similar to Sacramento, California 
except for heavy early fall rains.

>I grow many bulbous orchids, including Eulophia spectabile, Pterostylis,
>Pleione, Diuris, Thelymitra, etc.  The first grows in an orchid greenhouse,
>while the others enjoy our cool mild moist Fall, Winter and Spring.
>Greig Warner
>Burnt Bridge Creek Nursery

Kind regards,  Joyce Miller, Sacramento, CA, USA  USDA Zone 9A
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