Tuberous orchids

Wed, 19 Jan 2005 10:04:38 PST
i always wondered if anyone grows Caladenia?  since
i've seen pics of the blue Caladenias and Thelymitras,
i've been so fascinated since they look like a "real"
blue, instead of the purplish-lavender blue.  i have
never seen them live though.

tsuh yang

--- wrote:

> Hello,
> I grow many bulbous orchids, including Eulophia
> spectabile, Pterostylis,  
> Pleione, Diuris, Thelymitra, etc.  The first grows
> in an orchid greenhouse,  
> while the others enjoy our cool mild moist Fall,
> Winter and Spring.
> Greig Warner
> Burnt Bridge Creek Nursery
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