Blooming Blizzards, Sow Some Seed.
Sat, 22 Jan 2005 06:06:30 PST
Gotta love a good storm, blizzard warnings, two feet of snow predicted over 
the next 24 hours. Sunrise was a sickly orange, it was -4F.
I had a quick peek in the greenhouse last night and the first Tecophilea is 
in bloom along with Lapeirousia oreogena, Narcissus bulbicodiums, Iris 
reticulata and Crocus corsicus.   Massonia depressa and  Androcymbium ciliolatum are 
next to each other, a malty, musky, rancid odor.
After I bring in firewood, there is seed to sow from NARGS and Northwest 
Native Seed.

Mark Mazer
Intarsia Ltd.
Gaylordsville, Connecticut 06755-0142

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