Oxalis adenophylla, O. enneaphylla on the east coast

Carol Jensen jorna@mobilixnet.dk
Wed, 13 Jul 2005 00:46:02 PDT
At 21:56 12-07-2005, Jim McKenney wrote:
>Carol, you know how we gardeners are: our houses are already stuffed with
>plants. During the winter especially, my bedroom is thick with plants, our
>refrigerators periodically get pulled into service for plant storage, the
>basement floor is covered with plants, the living room has extra plants
>hanging off all the tables. 
>I'm trying to get them outside so I can have room for my other interests
>Only two weeks ago I brought inside the pots of seedling western American
>lilies in hopes of keeping them alive through the summer. 
>I need another house just for plants! 
>Jim McKenney

I'm about the same, and that is bad news when moving to Copenhagen where an extra room costs more than I want to pay. Still, it's the only way to grow many plants when it freezes in winter.


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