Zephyrantes unkown

Hans und Babs Joschko buj.joschko@freenet.de
Tue, 19 Jul 2005 01:22:39 PDT
Hello Germán ,

Thank you for sending the pics .
Do you think that is Zeph. saltensis ( I send earlier a pic of them ), is
also a synonym of Z. mesochloa ?
Here comes some questions more concerning Zephyranthes :
I have received in this year some bulbs of a ( Zephyranthes maybe ) also
from Argentina - collected for many years in Cordoba ( Sierra Grande ) -
this plants has flowered early in this year and it was not possibly to make
a picture for me
( maybe next year ) - this plants flowering yellow . Any idea ?
Further I have some bulbs from a other friend w.c. from Venezuela ( 1750 m)
, flower pink , 8 cm diameter , stems
20 cm high - Zephyranthes . Also ideas ?
I have some bulbs ( bougth here in a gardencenter ) they looks very similar
and these was labelled as Zeph. robustus - I think this name must be wrong .
The strange is all this plants from Venezuela and from the garencenter makes
never seeds .
I will send soon also some pics made from a friend of mine from Argenina and
Bolivia .

Many greetings from Germany


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