Membership Directory

Cathy Craig
Wed, 13 Jul 2005 10:32:54 PDT
Hi all,

The membership directory is in the mail! I think you will like it, we've 
improved upon it from last year.

Thank you to Patty Colville for keeping track of current members and for 
keeping our data base up to date!

This year our directory has a proper cover of cover-weight stock. The cover 
photo was taken specifically for our directory cover by Arnold Trachtenberg. 
It is a gorgeous photo of boophone disticha. Thank you, Arnold!

We are using 24 lb stock with a brightness of 108 this year for the pages so 
it will be easier to read and the print won't show through the pages like it 
tends to do on 20 lb stock.

Also the pages are numbered this year. This will make it easier for you to 
tell if any pages are missing.

Since we designed, produced, printed, collated, stapled, stamped, sealed, 
labeled, and mailed the directories this year (last year we had a printer do 
it), there may be a variety of errors and/or omissions. The directories were 
checked and re-checked but there still may be some that go out awry. Please 
check YOUR listing and report any incorrect or obsolete information directly 
to Patty, our membership chair: Also if you 
have mis-printed or missing pages, please let Patty know. We have spare 
copies and she will send you a replacement directory.

Since I produced this directory, all errors and omissions are my doing and 
do not reflect on the input I received from other board members.

US members: I expect you all to have your directory by the weekend.

Int'l members: Directories went out this week air mail. I expect you to have 
your directories by about mid-week next week.

If you have not received your copy by the end of July, please contact Patty 
and she will see you receive one.

Any member who joins (or rejoins) yet this year; Patty will send you a 
member directory as soon as payment is received.

Thanks to you all for being members of PBS. We really appreciate each and 
every one of you!!

Contact Info: Patty Colville, Membership Chair -

Cathy Craig EA
Pres PBS

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