Latin versus english pronounciation

Leo A. Martin
Thu, 14 Jul 2005 12:48:38 PDT
> I know about the dioons, members of the genus Dioon,
 > but Mr. Rzedowski and I are not acquainted.
> How does he pronounce his name?

He can't any more, but anybody in Poland would recognize it is to be 
pronounced just as spelled.

He was a native of Poland who lived in Mexico.

Remember, my keyboard lacks phoneme keys, but in Polish the combination 
rz is pronounced by making at the same time the sounds for R as in 
English and a voiced SH, which in English is usually written ZH. This 
particular W is pronounced like our English consonant F. There is 
another consonant in Polish pronounced the way we pronounce the W in 
English but it is written with a letter that looks to us like an L.

So it should be pronounced (using letters as a United Statian speaker 
might understand them)


I suspect the proper spelling in Polish should have been Rzdowski, but 
on entry to Mexico it was simplified.

In Mexico and among cycad people it is pronounced ze-DOW-skee. It is 
kind of fun verbally to ask newbies to look it up in an alphabetized 
cycad book or list.

Leo Martin
(Grandson of Leo Marciniak and Regina Budzinski)
Phoenix Arizona USA

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