Hippeastrum seeds

Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Wed, 20 Jul 2005 14:37:34 PDT

>From: "Hans-Werner Hammen" <haweha@hotmail.com>

"I do not talk about seramis, volume related water binding capacity = 25%
>here, but about porous balls with an outer skin similar to these 8 mm balls
>which are used for hydroculture. I roughly estimate their surfacial water!


Hi Hans-Werner:
                      Not long ago, there was an interesting thread here at 
PBS on drainage dynamics, including a page in which there were the results 
of a number of experiments with very detailed information sent by one of our 
attendants. Among several other subjects the problem of water tables, 
container height, etc., were discussed. Very interesting.

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