new treasurer

Sun, 24 Jul 2005 11:11:03 PDT
Hi all,

Having just dropped a PBS deposit in the mail, I have now completed my 
two-year term as treasurer.  Thanks for letting me serve in this position; 
it was a useful learning experience, and my first time in such a capacity.  
I'll now be serving as secretary, so thanks, too, for letting me continue to 
be an active board member.

Arnold Trachtenberg will be working as our new treasurer, and I'm sure you 
all wish him well.  To help ease him into his new post, may I ask that you 
be extra-careful with your BX payments?  I thought it might be useful to 
provide one big tip:

Hold on to those pink BX slips.  Having lost my fair share, I know it's 
easy, but to keep accurate records, we need to record the member's name and 
the amount of of EACH BX payment.  Many of you pay for multiple BXs with one 
check, and that's great (cuts down on paper, helps the environment).  But if 
you choose to do so, please enclose ALL of the BX slips.  Alternately, you 
can write, on the memo line, the BX number AND the amount paid towards that 
BX.  Most of you have been great about writing the BX #, but if you don't 
also write in the amount of each BX, it still involves some backtracking and 
paper shuffling on the treasurer's part.  Of course we have all of that 
information (Dell keeps great records) but to have to look it up several 
times can really slow down the process.

For those of you who choose to pay by cash, the rules are basically the same 
- please make sure that we have your name, the BX # (or numbers) and the 
amount paid towards each BX.

As for those who use PayPal: Arnold and I are working out the transition 
now.  At present, continue to send your payments to  
That account is still linked to PBS's PayPal account, so your money will 
still go to PBS, and I can just forward a copy of the statement that I 
receive from PayPal to Arnold.

Thanks again, and please join me in welcoming Arnold to the treasurer's 

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