Oxalis adenophylla, O. enneaphylla on the east coast

Andrew Broome ajbroome@xtra.co.nz
Mon, 11 Jul 2005 01:09:45 PDT
Jim said...

 > Has anyone out there who gardens on the east coast of North
 > America had long term success with either Oxalis adenophylla
 > or O. enneaphylla as garden plants?

I've had no long term success with any of the 'alpine' South American
species even here in my part of NZ where it rarely gets near 30C in the
summer and only a few frosts per winter.  They certainly don't like the heat.

You *might* try the hybrid, Ox. x 'Ione Hecker' since this *seems* a
little more tolerant at least the one clone I've kept alive for nearly 2
years now after several attempts.

They're such attractive plants, I wish I could keep them alive but I've
pretty much given up on trying them here under my conditions.

Andrew.  http://freewebtown.com/oxalis/

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