another thought on arisaema orientation

Judy Glattstein
Fri, 08 Jul 2005 04:20:18 PDT
Might there be a relationship between leaf orientation and the direction 
the arisaema "flower" faces? Staring at my pictures of Arisaema fargesii 
I noticed that for the two plants shown in the image the leaf faces away 
from the flower. I'm trying to recall the situation when arisaema have a 
pair of leaves: A. triphyllum and A. ringens for example. Does the 
flower face between the two, towards the lower leaf, toward the outer 
leaf? Cannot remember and it is still raining in a determined manner, 
6/10ths in the last 6 hours. For what it is worth, when the rain stops 
(tomorrow?) I'll go out and take a look at the slumping flower remains 
on those two species.


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