Osmani Baullosa
Tue, 26 Jul 2005 11:21:27 PDT
"And my second question is;can I put my amaryllis belladonna outside without protection for rain?our summery in Belgium can be rainy.
Usda 7 Belgium "

Dear Marie-Paule, 
A neighbor of mine waters his Amaryllis belladonna plants all year round, 'cause they are planted among other species that could not stand drought. In central Chile it only rains from the end of Autumn to the beginning of Spring. 
However, my neighbor's  "naked ladies" are totally indiferent to this extra watering he provides them in summertime. 
If your Amaryllis belladonna are planted on the ground, try not to move them so often. After trasplanting they might take several years to bloom again.
Hope this helps you...

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