Seed Exchange Request

Brian Charles
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:30:19 PDT
Dear Members of the Pacific Bulb Exchange,                                                 July 12, 2005
My name is Brian Charles, and I am very interested in attempting to make interspecific hybridizations between the Amaryllis, Hippeastrum, and Crinum genera in order to breed new flower varieties.  I am interested in both the tropical and xerophytic forms of these flowers.
What other genera do you think that could also be hybridized with the above listed three?  Do you think that they could they be hybridized with Hymenocallis, Hesperantha, and Hesperocallis?  I am requesting that anyone with extra seed please send me some packets of any varieties, species, and hybrids of Amaryllis, Hippeastrum, and Crinum.  In exchange, if you want (please specify species desired) I can send to you in return seeds of these available flowering bulbs:
Lilium amabile var luteum, Lilium concolor var. strictum, Lilium formosanum, Lilium Martagon, Lilium Martagon album, Lilium pardalinum, Lilium pumilum, Lilium regale, and Lilium rubescens.
Tulipa pulchella, Tulipa Sprengeri
Colchicum autumnale
Muscari caucasicum
Thank you for your assistance with my request.  Please send your seed to me at:
Brian Charles
General Delivery
Kailua, HI  96734

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