Desert Wild Flowers

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 22:40:22 PDT
Dear Lee,

What a lot of work you have done to resize all those pictures. Since I have 
a slow connection I just started with Antelope Valley and really enjoyed 
looking at your pictures. That wasn't too far from some of the places we 
went several weeks later. Seeing those masses of color slowing come into 
focus was amazing. I found the Dichelostemma capitatum (CP 20, CP 21) and 
isn't that an Allium (CP 25, 27)? Did you figure out which one? I also 
enjoyed seeing Emma in the flowers again and there are a couple of you 
(C66, C77). Shall we copy one of those and rename it so it can be a 
permanent part of the wiki as a link to your wiki page?

Thanks for adding those pictures so we can see Mother Nature in all her 
glory in an exceptional year.

Mary Sue

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