New mystery bulb

Wed, 06 Jul 2005 16:44:57 PDT

The flowers are Drimiopsis like, but Drimiopsis has recently been submerged
into Ledebouria by J. C. Manning and Goldblatt.  The common Drimiopsis
maculata is now Ledebouria petiolata J. C. Manning & Goldblatt, no relation
to S. Venter's unpublished L. petiolata which is related to L. rupestris.

I don't recall what Manning and Goldblatt renamed Drimiopsis kirkii when
they transferred it to Ledebouria.  It could not be called L. kirkii because
that combination already existed.  Interestingly Baker named a Scilla kirkii
(which in 1995-96 Stedge and Thulin transferred to Ledebouria kirkii) and
Baker also named a different plant Drimiopsis kirkii, which when transferred
to Ledebouria in 2004 by Manning and Goldblatt needed a new specific name.

Fred Boutin

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> Yes, the leaves are very succulent but the flower doesn't look like any
> Ledebouria that I know.
> Subject: Re: [pbs] New mystery bulb
> > Are the leaves of this plant extremely succulent?  If so, it's an
> > Ledebouria.  I have had conversations with two people here in Southern
> > California about it, Tom Glavich and Fred Baker, and neither one knows
> > where it came from or what exactly it is.  However, it has been known to
> > exist for a good number of years.  Tom is on this list.  If you're
> > Tom, what do you remember about this bulb?
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