Scilla maderensis

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 01 Jul 2005 16:51:00 PDT
Hi everyone,

Arnold, Susan, and I get a lot of emails to our list from nonmembers.Some 
is just spam and we discard it. Sometimes people have questions and need 
help and we encourage those people to join and ask their questions to the 
group rather than trying to answer them ourselves. Some do, most do not. 
Other messages are replies to the archives, but meant for the person who 
wrote the email they are responding to. If we can figure out who they 
wanted we forward the message, and if not , we invite them to join the list 
and ask their question hoping the right person will respond. The other mail 
we get comes from people who are responding to a thread in the archives and 
wanting to provide information about the thread even if the discussion took 
place a long time ago. We got one of those today about Scilla maderensis.
I am passing it on to the group. One question from me has to do 
with  Autonoe which is one of the genera in the Scilla split. I see that 
Catarina spelled it Autonoƫ. Should we be spelling it that way on the wiki? 
When you look in IPNI they don't seem to use symbols. I'm sure there are 
members of our group who can explain about this.

Mary Sue


This species is endemic from the Madeira archipelago. It is in extinction 
and so it is not easy to find it in the Island, BUT it is preserved in the 
Botanical garden of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, in the faculty of Pharmacy 
of Lisbon, Portugal, and in the Garcia da Orta garden, a garden made 
for  the EXPO 98 in Lisbon.

I have made the phytochemical and pharmacological study of the bulbs (my 
PhD Thesis). The species proved to have substances with pharmacological 
action on the heart and on vas deferens, and, if you want, you can see some 
of this information if you search by:

Scilla maderensis

Autonoƫ madeirensis (the new synonymy)

C Dias

Dias C

Catarina Dias

I hope you find some of the information you wanted

Have a good day

Catarina Dias

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