New mystery bulb

Wed, 06 Jul 2005 17:45:49 PDT
Ledebouria botryoides is based on Drimiopsis botryoides which was also named
by Baker, so it is Ledebouria botryoides (Baker) J.C. Manning & Goldblatt.
Drimiopsis botryoides and D. kirkii ,both erected by Baker as separate
species, are now merged into one species and the genus Ledebouria.  Baker
published both D. botryoides and D. kirkii in 1874 in two separate
publications, and it is not clear to me which species was published first.
But since the combination L. kirkii (Baker) Stedge & Thulin predated Manning
and Goldblatt's revision then L. botryoides becomes the clear choice if you
agree that D. botryoides and D. kirkii are one species.


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