Cardiocrinum cordatum

Burger, Steve
Tue, 19 Jul 2005 10:02:29 PDT
> I purchased a C. cordatum this past winter.  It was smallish but great
> looking.   I planted it out early this spring and both the main plant
> and several pups grew.  After only a few weeks of growth the pups all
> disappeared and the main plant showed its true colors, it began to
> push up an inflorescence.  Now it is blooming.
> Is it typical for the pups to have disappeared that quickly?  Is it
> likely that they are dead, and that when this plant finishes blooming
> and the main bulb dies that this plant is dead?  I feel lucky in some
> respects to have paid so little for a flowering Cardiocrinum, but if
> the plant is done, I don't feel so lucky:) 
> Thanks,
> Steve

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