ground cover for summer dormant bulbs

arnold trachtenberg
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 09:49:33 PDT
Jane  wrote:

>Apparently Welsh poppy is not the pest on the Atlantic coast that it can be 
>on the Pacific. It got into my garden hitch-hiking on a nursery plant as 
>seeds, and I let it go, not knowing what the result would be. It's one of 
>the worst weeds in the garden now, coming up everywhere -- even in the dry 
>bulb frame! Here it's perennial and very hard to pull out completely, like 
>a dandelion. It forms large clumps that can interfere with spring bulbs, in 
>my opinion.

The Welsh poppy does not approach the pest category for me here at all.  
I am trying to encourage it on a bed beneath a quince tree and so far 
it's spreading slowly.  I broadcast seeds in fall and in spring the 
plants pop up.  Not sure if it returns from a root stock or just reseeds.


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