Zephyranthes mesochloa

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 18 Jul 2005 07:34:47 PDT
Dear Hans,

A number of years ago when some of us in Mediterranean climates (especially 
those with cool summers) were trying to figure out how to get rain lilies 
to bloom Alberto wrote about what he referred to as "Pampas bulbs" 
including Z. mesochloa. I am including his quote as it may help you know 
how to grow them. This species is hardier than some he said which would fit 
with the higher elevation.

 From Alberto:

"Those I dub "Pampas bulbs" lives in a region where winters are cooler 
(neither cotton not sugarcane could be grown here in the open) but subject 
all of them to the same rainfall pattern: year round with a dryish 
February. If you can give them a hot dryish period in late summer they can 
flower regularly (of course if you are not growing them in Anchorage!)." He 
included Zephyrantes candida in that list which is one I do well with since 
it is growing in a Meyer lemon tub with a lot of water. Some of the other 
in his list seem capable of flowering with a long drought for me (Herbertia 
lahue, Ipheion uniflorum, Nothoscordum dialystemon) and others just don't 
flower well at all (Habranthus tubispathus, Rhodophiala bifida).

  Some of themAt 10:30 AM 7/18/05 -0300, you wrote:

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