Desert Wild Flowers

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 23 Jul 2005 07:27:04 PDT
Dear All,

This spring we added a temporary page to our wiki so people could share 
pictures they took of the incredible flower display this spring in the 
California desert when there was above average rainfall. Most of the 
pictures were taken by Lee Poulsen of Death Valley and I am sure it took 
him a lot of time to resize, name, and write about his pictures. I am sure 
that his pictures brought a number of people pleasure and we thank him for 
his efforts.

Hesperocallis undulata pictures have been added to a permanent wiki page, 
but we will be removing the rest of the pictures and taking the Desert page 
off by the end of August. We never planned to have it be a permanent part 
of the wiki since most of the pictures do not illustrate our topic. Anyone 
who did not get a chance to look at them when Lee added them might want to 
check them out. And if there are any special pictures that others planned 
to add and didn't, there is a short window of opportunity still to do so.…

Mary Sue

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