Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 13 Jul 2005 19:44:06 PDT
Dear All,

It's been interesting reading all the Eucomis posts. Dave led us in the 
topic of the week on this subject a number of years ago. When Jim M. asked 
about pictures I looked at Cameron McMaster's CD to see if there were any 
pictures of those species there and there weren't, but there were some 
habitat pictures of Eucomis autumnalis and maybe Eucomis comosa so I added 
them to the wiki. The one of Eucomis autumnalis I found rather amazing 
since somehow I was under the impression that they would like shade and 
there they were growing in a very open grassland.

We saw some Eucomis comosa in the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens last 
summer. It was a very broad patch with a lot of flowers and quite pretty. 
But also quite floppy. I've added a picture to the wiki. These plants were 
in the perennial garden so I'd think the air circulation would be just fine.…
Look for the pictures from Cameron McMaster of Eucomis autumnalis and 
Eucomis comosa and the one from me of Eucomis comosa blooming last August 
at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.

I'm not getting good blooms on the ones I've grown from seed and I suspect 
it's just too dry here in summer. I planted some out last year after seeing 
the ones at the MCBG and they look quite stressed. Agapanthus close by look 
much better so are obviously much more tolerant of dry conditions in 
summer. I thought it would be better to grow the Eucomis in deep containers 
so I could be sure they got more water, but they aren't blooming there 
either. It looks like I might get one flower spike. The plants look happier 

Mary Sue

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