Lycoris flowering

James Waddick
Wed, 20 Jul 2005 06:57:32 PDT
>While we're on the subject of Lycoris, how on earth do you get the
>ruddy things to flower? I've had bulbs of two species (ex. Korea) for
>nearly 8 years now without even a hint of a flower - they grow and
>multiply well, but flowering - not a chance! I think they are L. radiata
>and L. chinensis (??).

Dear Rogan et al;
	Lycoris are considered difficult in some climates, easy in 
others. The genus has two major sub-genera- those with foliage that 
appears in the fall and stays evergreen all winter, and those with 
spring foliage. Generally the latter group is hardier and more easily 
grown in northern climates.

	Most of the Chinese species are best in a continental climate 
with definite winter /summer seasonality - many of these are from the 
latter group. The Japanese species are mostly from the former group 
and will do best in milder climates.

	All do best in some shade and NONE prefer a summer baking, 
but want year round moisture.

	You might have trouble in S. Africa with L. chinensis which 
is easy(!) here in my mid-continent Zone 5. L. radiata should do fine 
for you. Keep it watered all year
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