Hippeastrum seeds

J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Wed, 20 Jul 2005 12:14:14 PDT
Hi all,

Alberto is quite correct -- floatation does not work for all papery 
seeds.  Besides the cyrtanthi, floatation does not work for seeds of 
Hippeastrum psittacinum.  I don't think it works for Worsleya seeds either, 
but haven't tried it there.

Indeed I do use floatation only for small lots of a few species.  We don't 
grow Hippeastrum commercially, just for fun.  However, I am forced to say 
that IMHO any lack of success with planting floated seedlings is likely due 
to poor technique.  It truly does work when done with a modicum of 
skill.  Controlling the moisture and humidity around the newly planted 
seedlings is critical.  Sticking a floatation seedling into potting mix 
takes about as much effort as sticking a seed into mix on edge.  You do it 
the same way: make a hole or slit in the firmed mix, and insert seed or 
seedling.  Firm up the mix again around the planted seed/seedling.

It boils down, as so much in gardening and horticulture does, to what works 
for you.  We do not have a source of coir here.  We cannot get pumice 
here.  We do use a lot of granite chicken grit in our potting mixes, but 
most people cannot get granite grit.

If what you are doing works, don't change just because someone else gets 
some other method to work -- unless you like to experiment.

Good luck with your Hippeastrum seeds!

Jim Shields

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