Bulb Tissue Culture

Roy Sachs rmsachs@ucdavis.edu
Wed, 20 Jul 2005 09:07:47 PDT
>Dear All;
>	I am looking for help. advise and especially experience with
>tissue culturing of bulbs*.
>	Can you recommend a reliable TC lab? Name/web site/ etc
>	Have you had experience trying to get a bulb of your own into
>TC? What are the pitfalls?
>	Appreciate any first hand comments.		Jim W.
>* in the broadest sense including both bulbous and rhizomateous iris

Jim:  If you mean commercial work I have been in contact with a lab 
in India (very infrequent e-mails so far and that's not encouraging) 
that seem to have an excellent program for callas and a few other 

I've spent months trying to clean up alstroemeria rhizomes to get 
them to increase in vitro (potentially much more rapid).  The 
literature (viz. Mark Bridgen of U Conn and some Indian labs, and 
Googling), suggests that it should be relatively easy to get them 
free of bacteria and fungi, but I had zero success, even working with 
TC experts at Davis who succeeded with other species.

I never understood what we were doing wrong nor how we differed in 
methodology from that in the publications we followed.


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