Gary doji@hawaii.rr.com
Thu, 07 Jul 2005 22:17:45 PDT
Dear all,

In the description of plants that twine or twist in their upward growth, I think I once knew, but have forgotten, how are they described?  The plants view from the ground up? Or are view looking down?  And roots or rhizomes that tend to wander in circles, from the ground down? Or what?

Are these plants subject to the Coreolis Effect?  Do they change direction when grown in a different hemisphere?  Sharks tend to swim clockwise in confinement in the northern hemisphere, but the same species of shark swims counterclockwise (anticlockwise for our British English speakers) in confinement in the southern hemisphere.  And do they climb either way on the equator?

I have a climbing Aroid that on the mainland (San Francisco, Calif.) grew more or less clockwise looking up, but goes straight up now that I am closer to the equator.  One plant proves nothing, but it is of passing interest.

Gary in Hilo, HI, going around in circles aimlessly, it sometimes seems.

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