Keep the Pacific Bulb Society BX Going!!

Myke Ashley-Cooper
Sun, 03 Jul 2005 12:48:58 PDT
Do I have to become a member of the society in order to be eligible for these? As a cartoonist, I am not very rich . . . . . . . but, if you insist . . . . .
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  Dear Gardeners,


  Since, for many of us, this is the season of plenty - plenty of heat, plenty
  of bugs, and plenty of growth and procreation in summer geophytes - please
  take the time to save seed and baby bulbs when you are struggling to keep
  your gardens from looking like something from "The Giant Man-eating Tomatoes
  from Mars." Your donations to the BX mean a great deal (literally) to all of

  Send donations to:  Dell Sherk, PO Box 224, Holicong, PA 18928, USA.


  Best wishes,



  Dell Sherk. Director, PBS BX

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