Crinum lineare

Jim Lykos
Wed, 13 Jul 2005 22:53:19 PDT
Hi Jim S

I am growing a few C. lineare - and have two mature plants purchased from Bruce Knights nursery about 18months ago when he sold his collection.  Bruce grew a number of South African Crinum species to perfection.  He grew the C. lineare in an oversized 10 inch pot - with a two inch saucer filled with water underneath during summer, and placed the pot under dry shelter during its winter dormancy.
I  found C. lineare to have the most tidy even patterned leaf growth habit of any of the Crinums I grow.  Its leaves spread out in a similar fashion to Ammocharis coranica (star arrangement) - I grew it more conservatively than Bruce (without the saucer) and was initially disappointed that they didnt flower - thinking that the drought conditions we were experiencing could have influenced this - however there was some heavy  mid autumn rainfall and to my surprise  the C. lineare both flowered. The last Crinum of the season to flower with dark red stripes on the reverses of well shaped  flowers.  As a  C. procerum was still in flower  I made a cross to the procerum seed parent which was successful.

Jim L
Blue Mountains


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