Tue, 12 Jul 2005 12:23:16 PDT
I've had E. bicolor in the ground here for years - just barely under the
surface - and not only does it grow and bloom, it has actually self-sown a
little.  I've had to dig out clumps of inferior forms of E. autumnalis
because the bulbs multiply so fast (but have small inflorescences, and not
many of those).  Some of these are pretty tough plants!


Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
Oswego NY USA
Zone 5, with excellent snow cover

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From: James Waddick
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 12:40:57 -0500
Subject: Re: [pbs] eucomis

Dear Arnold;
	2 falls ago I planted E. bicolor outdoors and shallowly. I 
thought they had turned to mush that spring, but foliage slowly 
	This spring foliage came up strongly so I suspect they have 
pulled themselves down and will hopefully bloom this fall. This in a 
raised bed with NO WINTER PROTECTION.

	So my suggestion for your mild climate is to try a few more 
outdoors and plant them deeply as Jane suggested.

		Best		Jim W.
Dr. James W. Waddick
8871 NW Brostrom Rd.
Kansas City Missouri 64152-2711
Ph.    816-746-1949
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	Summer 100F +

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