scented oxalis; was RE: Oxalis in gloom

Jim McKenney
Sun, 10 Jul 2005 17:14:18 PDT
Alberto, that sounds wonderful!

Why not send a few to Diana so she can propagate them and offer them on her
list in the future? 

Aren't violet scented flowers amazing? This year my plants of Sarracenia
rubra produced lots of flowers with a very strong violet scent. Unlike the
evanescent scent produced by Viola odorata, the scent of the Sarracenia
keeps coming. Is that true of your Oxalis? Is the violet scent of your
Oxalis the sort of which you can only get a quick whiff, or is it a scent
which you can enjoy over and over without losing it? 

Jim McKenney 

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Hi Jim and Diana:
                       Among those scented Oxalises,  there is an 
Argentinian species, possibly a form of articulata that produces both in 
fall and in spring big lilac white centred flowers with the sweetest 
powerful scent of violets.

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