Lycoris season

James Waddick
Sun, 17 Jul 2005 09:47:37 PDT
Dear All;
	Just a note that Lycoris season has begun again with the 
appearance of a couple L. sanguinea in various parts of the garden. 
Not the biggest or showiest species, but its distinctly orange 
flowers are obvious at first appearance. Even in out heat (95 F again 
today) and no rain for about 2 weeks, these seemingly delicate 
flowers manage to make their way up and bloom quite normally.
	This is a Japanee species that is often available from mass 
marketing bulb sellers. Get the form kiusiana if possible since it 
has bigger flowers than typical. They are cheap and quite a boost in 
the heat of summer.

	Anyone else have Lycoris in bloom yet?

	More to come.	Jim W.
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