botany book and pronunciation

Judy Glattstein
Wed, 13 Jul 2005 14:31:44 PDT
A very nice little book is Botany for Gardeners, An Introduction and 
Guide, by Brian Capon. Hard cover, published by Timber Press in 1990. 
Nice glossary index, good line drawings, a few scattered color 
illustrations amidst its 200 or so pages.

Another one is Longman Illustrated Dictionary of Botany, the elements of 
plant science illustrated and defined by Andrew Sugden. Hard cover, 
published by Longman, York Press in 1984.Color drawings. On the back 
cover it states:

Useful for :

    * finding the meaning of a word
    * finding related words
    * revising a subject area
    * finding a word whose meaning you know
    * finding a word to fit a meaning

More concise than Brian Capon's book. For example -. *pappus* (n) a 
group of fine hairs on a small dry fruit, which helps in dispersal (see 
next entry) by wind, e.g. in the family (p. 134) Compositae.

Both of these small books cover more than Carol is looking for, but are 
easy to manuveur your way around. Chock full of interesting tidbits.

The first time I was in Holland, back in 1973 I could not understand 
their pronunciation of Latin plant names. Fair enough, they couldn't 
understand mine. But when we wrote the names down on a piece of paper, 
we were able to understand each other. More recently, I was in Holland 
in 2002, and gave a small lecture at the ISU meeting. After which I was 
gently chided for pronouncing it Viola tri-color, when of course, I was 
told, it should have been Viola tree-color. O.K. My ego doesn't bruise 
quite that easily.

Judy in humid and thunderstormy New Jersey

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