Alberto Castillo
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 10:22:10 PDT
Hi Arnold:
             Eucomis are very fine rather undemanding plants. It is true 
that they like plenty of watering during summer but a drained mix is better 
so you can keep them on the dryish side when they are dormant in winter. 
Bulbs are deep in the soil and seedlings will adjust themselves to depth 
with time.
During really hot weather the foliage will flag so it is better t avoid 
afternoon sun in hot summer regions. Containers are 12 in in diameter and 16 
in deep and they thrive with the extra root run. They do not like to be cold 
and wet and a rot set in at the base of the basal plate from these 

MSN Amor: busca tu ½ naranja

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