new pictures from the Andes

Osmani Baullosa
Fri, 29 Jul 2005 10:10:06 PDT
Hello Hans,
About your pictures uploaded to Mystery Bulbs section:
I guess the reddish (orange?) one, in the first two pictures, is an Amaryllid also found in Peruvian Andes: Crocopsis fulgens 
I thinks it's the same plant named as Zephyranthes pseudocolchicum, Stenomesson humile, Stenosmesson acaule, Clitanthes humilis, etc... 
About the other two, I just can't imagine what they are. Andes mountains are full of surprises...:-)

Osmani Baullosa> wrote:
for all with interest in South American bulb-plant :
On the Mystery Bulbs are some new pictures of bulb plants from the Andes.
These pictures has I again from my friends received those there traveled.
I know, the pictures are not perfect all, but one can win an impression like
these plants there to grow - better a bad picture than no picture.
Only few of us will see opportunity to have these plants locally to .
If someone an idea have around which plants it act here I about an
information would in such a way be pleased.
To the pictures :
Cara - Coch , Sama , Bolivia - these are from Bolivia
Candado , Molinos, Caspala , St. Ana are from Argentina
All the pictures was made in the months October - November
If you are interested , please look…
Also I would say a big "Thank You" to Susan for all her help and work with
my pictures.
Many greetings

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