Brook Klehm
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 19:04:17 PDT
There are several intriguing aspects to the various posts on this 

Leaf cuttings?  I had no idea that Eucomis could be propagated this way 
and would love to hear more about the procedure and success rate.

Sorry to hear about your trudging through snow six feet deep to get to 
the one room school house with its pot-bellied stove, Jim.  I'm certain 
the schoolmarm appreciated your ernest study of latin, however.

I, too, would love to see pictures of E. pole-evansii plant in bloom.  
I have a bulb which has faithfully produced healthy foliage for three 
seasons now, but never a spike.  I presumed it got too dry in this 
Mediterranean climate and went dormant too soon to bloom.

Eucomis bulbs are regularly available from garden centers here in 
northern California.  I purchased one years ago and have enjoyed it 
blooming, first in a container for six years and then in the ground for 
the last two.  I believe what I have is E. comosa, since its ovaries 
are purple tinged.  It has never been as upright as the photo on the 
wiki shows, however.  It flowers well each year and sets copious seed.  
Seedlings have begun to appear since it was planted into the open 

I have capable horticultural friends who have never been able to keep a 
Eucomis alive, whether in a pot or in the ground, while the E. comosa 
here is a bit of a weed.

And what about E. zambesiaca?  Has anyone any experience with it?  I 
have had a plant in the ground for two years now, after being in a pot 
for one season.  It continues to produce foliage, but no blooms yet 
(over-fertilization can't be the problem, as it has received little).

I look forward to hearing more personal experiences with Eucomis.

Brook Klehm
Sebastopol, California  cool side of USDA 9

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