Scilla adlanii

Sun, 31 Jul 2005 11:35:13 PDT
Scilla adlamii of Baker was put into an extremely variable Ledebouria
cooperi by Jessop in his treatment of Ledebouria.  Several of the Scilla
species lumped by Jessop into L. cooperi are considered by Venter in his
unpublished monograph as separate Ledebouria species, for example L.
galpinii, L. sandersonii, L. rupestris, and a few more.

While still considered as L. cooperi , Scilla adlamii is not typical of that
species, so in my opinion should be considered a form of L. cooperi.  There
appears to be at least two forms of S. adlamii in cultivation, one with
broader leaves and darker colored flowers.

Tuolumne, California

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> Does anyone know of this plant, Scilla adlanii? (sp.)  I have a small pot
of it and cannot find any info.  It is apparently tender.  Any info would be
appreciated.  My plant has striated leaves of dark green and red-purple,
stands about 10cm (4") high, is Spring blooming and has violet-purple
> Jamie V.
> Cologne
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