Hydrogen peroxide aeration?

Rodger Whitlock totototo@pacificcoast.net
Tue, 26 Jul 2005 14:50:45 PDT
On 25 Jul 05 at 18:36, Kathy Stokmanis wrote:

> On another list it was recommended to add hydrogen peroxide 
> when watering plants (Hoyas, in this instance) in order to
> directly supply oxygen to the roots and increase aeration. 
> Being an uninformed neophyte, I don't know if this is
> plausible for bulbs, or even for hoyas, or is one of those
> myths perpetuated by mysterious internet forces.  Any comments
> or jeers?

As a chemist, it sounds to me like a theory devised by someone
who doesn't understand what's going on. It's not *oxygen* that
plants need at their roots, but *air* *exchange*. Of course,
that subsumes a good supply of oxygen, but I'm quite certain
that oxygen is hardly the sole issue.

If your plants are suffering because of lack of oxygen at the 
roots (ooops, what did I just say?), the solution is to use a 
potting mix with better aeration.

Hydrogen peroxide has one valuable horticultural use:
sterilizing seed before sowing. There are some seed-borne
diseases that can be controlled that way.

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