Tecophilea repot/ pot size

John Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Tue, 26 Jul 2005 14:52:39 PDT
Flying in the face of expert advice I recommend under-potting bulbs, at
least smaller bulbs of the 'alpine' persuasion.  I don't grow anything
bigger than Muscari macrocarpum in a pot.  I standardize in 2 1/2", 3 1/2"
or 4 1/2" square Kordlok pots, or bigger round pots if necessary, the latter
adding extra width but not much extra depth.  All are plastic.  Everything
goes into a mix of 50% perlite, 50% BioComp BC5.  I have found the secret to
be deep planting, in a 4 1/2" pot, for example, the corms/bulbs etc. get
planted no more than 1 1/2-2" from the bottom of the pot, compost mix all
the way to the bottom - the drainage is in the compost.  They get fed with a
dilute in-line feed with every watering.  It works very well indeed.  The
year I got greedy and over-potted a bunch of Tecophilea was the year I lost
most of them.  These bulbs like company and minimal 'spare' room.  I'm
always mortified when I see the size of Jane's pots - so she can tell us how
her system works so well for her.  The bottom line, I think, is that there's
no right way, just a need to be very familiar with what your tendencies are
with respect to watering, and how you can best manage them. I would also
suggest you group like plants together and standardize composts and pot
sizes as much as possible.



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