Hippeastrum seeds

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Mon, 25 Jul 2005 07:18:45 PDT

>From: James Frelichowski <butterflyamaryllis@yahoo.com>

"The shorter and wider the pot, the more moisture that stays in the bottom 
and causes rot.  The taller and narrow the pot, the faster it drains, but I 
don't know if moisture is more evenly distributed but it would seem that it 
would take longer for evaporation due to soil depth ...."

Pity the previous thread on this has not been read by most. In both cases, 
shallow or deep pots, most of the volume is useless as it is saturated with 
water. The problem, already discussed, is how to have this excess water 
leave the pots.

"Soil temperature in my experience is also very important so insulation of 
pot sides and long deep pots will help also."
Of paramount importance. That is why in Australia and S. California Cape 
bulbs can even flower within the first season of growth and under cooler 
conditions they linger on for years without reaching maturity or skip one 
season because of improper temperatures during dormancy (Ferrarias, rigth?). 
For insulation, styrofoam is superb but drainage holes must be huge.

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