arisaema orientation

Judy Glattstein
Thu, 07 Jul 2005 21:24:29 PDT
Interesting point - could the arisaema be facing towards the sunnier 
direction. The Arisaema fargesii are facing towards a wooded slope. 
They'd do better working on their tan if they turned 180 degrees. 
(There's a picture on my web site in my July diary entry if you want to take a look at the plants.) The 
A. triphyllum that are native on the site face every which way. So I 
don't think sunlight is the determining factor. Perhaps I'll twiddle one 
of the A. fargesii (lift, spin, replant) and see what happens next year.

Judy in NJ where the National Weather Service is predicting 100% chance 
of rain (don't remember  ever seeing that before) tonight / tomorrow, 
and I've heard rumors of 3 to 6 inches of rain.

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